Protegrity Advisors Expands Offerings with Introduction of Corporate Divestitures Practice and Welcomes Expert Emilie Feldman from the Wharton School

Protegrity Advisors, a leading Mergers & Acquisitions advisory firm, has announced an expansion of its service offerings to include a specialized Corporate Divestitures practice, offering corporate executives and business owners the critical guidance and expertise needed to navigate the myriad considerations involved in divesting a business unit or subsidiary. To provide clients expert support in this area, Protegrity has welcomed to its Advisory Board Dr. Emilie R. Feldman, an Associate Professor of Management at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and an internationally renowned authority in the fields of corporate strategy and corporate governance.

With its new offering, Protegrity can help companies to confidentially analyze whether divestiture is an option that should be explored and, if the decision is made to move forward, provide proactive support in managing and executing all steps in the process, including the possible sale of the business unit. Protegrity s services include analyzing net impacts to the company (such as to cash flow, operational, resources, costs, competitive positioning, and other considerations), packaging and positioning the business unit for maximum valuation, identifying and qualifying potential buyers, supervising the exchange of information, negotiating the purchase price and terms, and coordinating between internal departments and service providers.

"Many chief financial officers and other senior executives realize that a past acquisition or legacy offering is no longer a fit, but they may not have the internal resources to properly analyze and address the issue," said Gregg Schor, Protegrity CEO. "Being able to sell this asset under the right circumstances can have an extremely positive impact on the bottom line and long-term health of the company." He added, "We are proud to welcome Emilie and are very fortunate to have someone of her stature."

Providing clients indispensable guidance in this area, Emilie Feldman joins the Protegrity team with a strong background in mergers and acquisitions and particular expertise in the role that divestitures play in corporate reconfiguration. Emilie received her undergraduate degree, MBA, and DBA in Strategy from Harvard University, where her dissertation won the Wyss Award for Excellence in Doctoral Research and was a finalist for the Wiley-Blackwell Outstanding Dissertation Award from the Academy of Management. Her research has been published in top academic journals including the Strategic Management Journal, Strategy Science, Organization Science, and the Academy of Management Journal. Additionally, her research has been featured extensively in the New York Times, Washington Post, New Yorker, and Fortune.

Emilie shared, "I am excited to join the Protegrity Advisory Board, and I look forward to leveraging my knowledge and expertise in both divestitures and corporate strategy to help clients achieve strong growth and financial performance."