Protegrity Advisors

Buying a Business

Pursuing a well-planned business acquisition strategy can be an excellent way to grow revenue, expand market reach, acquire new talented employees and increase bottom line earnings and future valuations. Protegrity Advisors provides expert buy-side advisory services in the following key areas:

  • Identifying Potential Acquisition Targets and Negotiating the Deal – Our advisors can help identify potential target firms that meet pre-established business and financial benchmark criteria. We will reach out to the potential target firms to gauge their interest and discuss a potential transaction. We have significant experience with the process of courting a target as well as negotiating the specific terms of the acquisition including payment terms, earn-outs, compensation plans and employment agreements for senior executives and key employees.
  • Due Diligence – "Due diligence" refers to an in-depth analysis to gain a true picture of the target firm, with particular emphasis on the target's financial condition and information needed to successfully manage the post-transaction integration. This process involves gathering, analyzing and interpreting a great deal of information to determine if a deal is advantageous for the buyer within a certain price range.
  • Valuations – An important objective of due diligence is to arrive at an unbiased estimate of true value for the target company relative to the buyer. We employ several different valuation methods, including research into valuations on other similar transactions, to present actionable financial intelligence to help our clients make sensible offers and acquisition decisions.