About Us

Protegrity Advisors is a leading M&A advisory and business valuation firm serving businesses with revenue from $5 million to $100 million across a wide range of industries. Headquartered on Long Island, we work with companies and family-owned businesses in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and beyond, and have relationships with private equity, strategic and other types of buyers and sellers across the United States and internationally.

Selling a company or acquiring another is a complex undertaking, and we manage the entire process with the utmost confidentiality, from preparation to completion and everything in between, advising business owners on how to navigate the challenges. Our advisors have all bought and sold companies as owners, CEOs, CFOs, General Counsel, senior business executives and investment bankers. As a result, we have the capability to understand issues from all perspectives and can provide significantly greater expertise and value than traditional business brokers and investment banking firms, which typically devote their full attention to larger transactions and do not spend the time required to understand their clients' businesses.

For business owners who may not be ready to begin the M&A process but would like to learn more about it and what steps to take in advance, we can provide a no-obligation M&A advisory consultation.

Selling Your Business

Hiring a qualified M&A Advisor is one of the most important decisions a business owner can make. Simply listing a business on a website, providing only basic information and not having a network of existing relationships—as might be the case with a business broker—is not an effective way of finding qualified buyers or maximizing your company's sale price, particularly for businesses with revenue above $5 million.

Protegrity Advisors has advised business owners for over 10 years on sell-side M&A transactions totaling hundreds of millions of dollars. Our sell-side services focus on three key areas:

Our M&A Sell-Side Services Include:

  • Valuations – An objective understanding of all relevant factors that determine your company's current market value is critical to understanding potential sale prices, evaluating whether the time is right to commence the process and determining what steps to take to maximize that sales price. Having Protegrity Advisors prepare a market valuation is a worthwhile first step under any circumstances.
  • Packaging and Presenting the Business – Positioning your business and its products or services, employees and management team, customer base, sales channels, intellectual property, market segment and historical and projected future financial performance in the best possible—and credible—light is critical to attracting interest from the right qualified buyers and maximizing your company's value, particularly for family-owned businesses. For example, simply providing financial statements prepared by your outside accountant is one of the surest ways to undervalue your business and negotiate from a position of weakness. Our financial analysts leave no stone unturned to present your business on an "adjusted" basis to maximize valuations, which is how most private equity and strategic buyers are accustomed to assessing a company's true value.
  • Finding and Negotiating with Qualified Buyers – Whether you believe you already have a buyer or are seeking multiple bidders, Protegrity Advisors has years of experience researching, identifying, qualifying and negotiating with all types of buyers and structuring a wide variety of deal terms. We also have relationships with highly qualified private equity and strategic buyers who look to us for deals. Attempting to negotiate directly with a buyer or bringing in legal counsel too early in the process both put your deal at substantial risk. Our M&A team understands the process thoroughly, can help you avoid costly mistakes, and will allow you to focus on running your business.

Buying a Business

Pursuing a well-planned business acquisition strategy can be an excellent way to grow revenue, expand market reach, acquire new talented employees and increase bottom line earnings and future valuations. Protegrity Advisors provides expert buy-side advisory services in the following key areas:

  • Identifying Potential Acquisition Targets and Negotiating the Deal – Our advisors can help identify potential target firms that meet pre-established business and financial benchmark criteria. We will reach out to the potential target firms to gauge their interest and discuss a potential transaction. We have significant experience with the process of courting a target as well as negotiating the specific terms of the acquisition including payment terms, earn-outs, compensation plans and employment agreements for senior executives and key employees.
  • Due Diligence – "Due diligence" refers to an in-depth analysis to gain a true picture of the target firm, with particular emphasis on the target's financial condition. This process involves gathering, analyzing and interpreting a great deal of information to determine if a deal is advantageous for the buyer within a certain price range.
  • Valuations – The goal of due diligence is to arrive at an unbiased estimate of true value for the target company. We employ several different valuation methods, including a discounted cash-flow analysis, as well as research into valuations on other similar transactions.

Please call us at 631-619-6745 or email Gregg Schor at GSchor@ProtegrityAdvisors.com to learn more about how Protegrity Advisors can help you with the sale of your business or the acquisition of other companies.

Client Testimonials

“The Protegrity team masterfully navigated our acquisition by Eclipsys. Since Protegrity led the process and negotiations, our management team was allowed to focus on our own clients and not be distracted by the hour-to-hour gyrations of the deal, and we were also able to preserve a great working relationship with the buyer.”

Ann Van Slyck
Chief Executive Officer
Van Slyck & Associates